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Don't get overcertified!!!

As much as there is a lack of skilled IT professionals there is an abundance of people that are over certified. Over certified to me is not about obtaining every certification because you want to, it is obtaining more certifications than you need for the job you are doing or plan on getting. I have often seen people with more certifications than they need without fully being immersed in the IT landscape to know what is actually needed. I often cringe when I see people taking the A+, Network+ and Sec+ , just to get a help desk job and find out half of your coworkers don't have those certs and they are making the same money as you. Don't get my wrong certifications can take your career to the next level but it is also about getting the right certifications at the right times. Since I have gotten into tech at the end of 2017 my main focus has been to obtain cloud certifications specifically AWS. When I started my tech journey the school I enrolled in at the time offered the famous 3 CompTia certifications for free the first take but those certifications really wouldn't be the ones that added value to my career. So after getting the A+ and Sec+ I focused on the cloud. I could've easily went down the CCNA route but taking 2 tests to get one certification has never seemed cool to me and I learned that from taking the A+. AWS certifications are only $150 to take vs. the $300+ it takes for one CompTia exam or the CCNA. I have seen so many people at the help desk level with those certifications and none of them were talking about AWS certifications. I have looked up the top 15 IT certifications for the last 4 years and AWS solutions architect associate has been in the top 5 certifications ever since then. Not only did I receive cash bonuses from my companies for getting the AWS certifications it made the job search a lot easier because I could at least get the interviews from having those AWS certifications. I also realized not to go crazy trying to get all of them, like I said I was going to do when I started, but when I heard the founder of Women in Linux speaking about what you should be making that is $50hr per certification. I knew I needed to pump the brakes a little bit and let my income catch up to my certification level and that's what I recommend people do instead of getting too carried away with certifications. Find out what certifications benefit you the most before wasting time and money obtaining them.

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